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The withdrawal of troops from Iraq in December of 2011 has left a democratic nation working to rebuild after years of sectarian violence and civil strife.  Iraqi coverage includes the most recent economic, governance, security, humanitarian and socio-cultural developments.

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Human Rights Watch Report on Iraq (2012)
UN Global Compact - Workbook and Case Studies on Human Trafficking
A workbook that helps participants identify at risk populations, suspect organisation.
Iraqi Politics, Governance and Human Rights (Feb 2012)
A special report published by Congressional Research Service.
Iraq's Oil Politics (2010)
Published by United States Institute of Peace (USIP) in 2010.
Iraq - Politics, Elections and Benchmarks (Mar 2011)
A Congressional Research Service (CSR) report published March 2011.
United Nations Security Council Report on Iraq S-2011-435

Third report of the Secretary-General pursuant to paragraph 6 of resolution 1936 (2010) report on the status of Iraq. S/2011/435.

UN Security Council Report on Iraq S-2012-185 (29-Mar-2012)

Second Report of the Secretary-General pursuant to resolution 2001 (2011).

IRAQ TIP 2012 Law
Special Report: Human Trafficking in Iraq: 2003 and Beyond (12-May-12)

This document discusses the issue of human-trafficking in Iraq from 2003 until present

Human Rights Watch-Iraq 2011
Report published by Human Rights Watch on the current state of human rights in Iraq.
UNAMI Human Rights Report - Iraq
This report is published by the Human Rights Office of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) in cooperation with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) under their respective mandates. Information for this report has been gathered from direct monitoring by UNAMI as well as from a variety of other sources, including Government, UN Agencies, civil society, NGOs and media. It covers the period from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2010. The draft of this Report was submitted to the Government of Iraq and the Government of the Kurdistan Region prior to publication and their views are referred to in the text or footnoted where appropriate.
Iraq: Politics, Governance, and Human Rights (Aug 2012)
Congressional Research Service report discussing Iraq after the departure of US troops from the country
CFC Complex Coverage Weekly Review (11-SEP-12)
Weekly review of events in Iraq, Mali and Syria.
CFC Complex Coverage Weekly Review (02-Oct-12)
Weekly news covering Iraq, Mali and Syria as well as global IED and demining events.
CFC Complex Coverage Weekly Review (16-Oct-12)
Weekly news covering Iraq, Mali and Syria as well as global IED and demining events.
Tribe, Politics in Iraq
Congressional Research Service Report, 2008, discussing tribal politics in Iraq.
Al-Qaeda in It's Third Decade
RAND Corporation report from 2012 presenting an assessment of America’s continuing campaign to defeat al Qaeda and other groups that constitute the jihadist galaxy.
UN Development Assistance Framework for Iraq
United Nations, 2011. Report on Iraqs post-war development.
Human Rights in Iraq
Human Rights Watch report from 2010, covering torture, freedom of expression, and womens rights after the invasion.
Iraq Demographics and economy
Council for Strategic & International Studies, 2011. report including graphs on various aspects of Iraqs economy, such as oil price and GDP.
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