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Updated 30 September 2013

The Afghanistan Provincial Indicators (API) emerged from the recognition that stakeholders involved in Afghanistan today should be able to quickly access provincial-level data without needing to search dozens of reports and websites. Responding to the need for a more accessible form of information, subject-matter experts from the Civil-Military Fusion Centre (CFC) consolidated the best available data from credible, "open" sources such as the United Nations and the Afghan government's Central Statistics Organisation. Click on a province on the map below in order to access the indicators for that province. If you wish to view the original sources of the data included within these profiles, please visit the "Data Sources" page.

KandaharHelmandNimrozFarahHeratBadghisFaryabGhorSar-e PulJowzjanUruzganDai KundiZabulGhazniPaktikaBamianBalkhSamanganKunduzKhostPaktiyaLogarWardakNangarharKabulLaghmanKunarKapisaKapisaNuristanPanjshirPanjshirParwanBaghlanTakharBadakhshan